16.2 inch Apple MacBook Pro MK193 2021 laptop

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Processor series: M1
RAM memory capacity: 16 GB
RAM memory type: Unified
GPU manufacturer: Apple
Screen size: 16.2 inches
Screen resolution: 3456×2234


Apple’s Macbook series of laptops have been able to provide very good and acceptable performance by taking advantage of powerful technical specifications, without any additional definition. One of the powerful laptops of this series is the MacBook MK193 2021 model. This laptop is equipped with a 16.2-inch screen with a resolution of 2234 x 3456 pixels of the Liquid Retina XDR type, which has the ability to display 254 pixels per inch. We must say that considering the considered specifications, we are dealing with a powerful and very high-quality screen. But the powerful specifications of this screen are not finished and you should know that it has the ability to provide a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which brings you a smooth screen without any lag. But without a doubt, the main characteristic of Apple’s MacBook series laptops is the considered processors. MacBook MK193 2021 is also equipped with a powerful Apple M1 Pro processor, which has the ability to provide excellent performance in running heavy applications. The suitable weight of 2.1 kg of this laptop has made it easy to carry around, and the suitable and compact dimensions of MacBook Pro MK193 2021 do not occupy much space.

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